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Unmask Your Diversity Potential

This is where you can find background materials and videos from past Diversity chats.

If your company is in need of personalized diversity focus, please book us under the our Consulting Services tab where we cater the workshop based on your specific needs.

Diversity Chats

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Chat Playbacks

July 2021 chat: Marketing: Sharing resources to reach diverse populations

June 2021 1 Year later: Don't Be the Ostrich

May 2021 Social Change to Social Justice- Action is the Foundational Key to success

April 2021 Accessible/invisible 

March 2021 Diversity Programming

Feb 2021 Overcoming Obstacles w/ your diversity plan

Jan 2021 Creating and exexutable Diversity Plan

Oct 2020 Diversity + Community = Theater

Sept 2020 Diversity and Inclusion in Children's Theater

July 2020 Diversity Actors Chat 

Diversity Chat Reference Materials

Oct 2020 Marketing Chat                  Actors Role in Diversity                Diversity in Tech

Diversity Board Check           Director and Actor roles on stage   

Marketing your progress       Directing Diversity on Stage

2021 Creating an Exeutable Diversity Plan           Feb 2021 Overcoming Challenges

March 2021 Diversity Programming

June 2021 Don't Be the Ostrich

July 2021 Marketing sharing resources


Reclaiming the Theatrical Canon

Watch candid converstions about different theatrical works. This is our way to start the conversations that expand the knowledge base, allow history in the room and engage in honest coversation about these shows. Click on the show icon to see the video.

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