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2022 6th Confidence Radio troupe (Sept, Oct. Nov.)
Sean Eustis * Maurice Crittendon * Jean Fiumara * Felicity Misse Ekwe*
Jim Pasquale* Stu FIscher

2022 5th Confidence Radio Troupe ( May, June, July)

Erin Klarner * Maurice Crittenden * Paul Jordan * Jean Fiumara * Terri Broome
* Felicity Misse-Ekwe* Pamela Northrup

2022 4th Confidence Radio Troupe (Feb, Mar, Apr)

Erin Klarner * Maurice Crittenden * Paul Jordan * Jean Fiumara * Terri Broome

2021 3rd Confidence radio Troupe ( Sept., Oct, Nov)

Marie Andrews * Jeffery Schwartz * Felicity Misse-Ekwa *
Maurice Crittenden * Terri Broome *Jim Pasquale * Laura Adams

2021 2nd Confidence Radio Troupe (May,June, July)

Stu Fischer  * Christopher Anderson  * Justin McCright * Laura Adams * Peyton Avery * Cheryl Bolt * Jim Adams *  
Colleen Robinson Miller * Erin Klarner    * Marie Andrews * Maria Getahun * Jeffery Schwartz * Tillmon Figgs * Lindsey June

2021 1st Confidence Radio Troupe (Feb, Mar,Apr)

Laura Adams *Claire SchreibfederStephen Foreman* Andrea Trent * Valerie Higgs  * Kadira Coley * Leslie Kekuewa *
Jim Adams  *  Brian Weissman * Charlene Sloan *  Shemika Renee' * Emily McGee* 
Kenneth L. Waters Jr  *  Snowdenn Jackson *
   Nikki Arbiter Murphy  *  Maurice Crittenden
  *  Creedence Jackson
Presenting stories from the Old Time Radio Series

Radio Shows
click link or video
The Voice on the Wire                                            The Wrong Way to Write

Evening Primrose        Death Calls at Dinner        Special to Hollywood

Past shows
Lights out Little old Lady               Lights out- Ghost Party                   Brief Encounter
Thin Man- The Goofy Groom      Thin Man- Case of the All-American Menace

Lights out-Mother in Law    Lights Out- The Meteor Man 
Gangbusters- The Eddie Doll Case                  Comedy of Danger/Finger of God
Boston Blackie- Blackie and the Fur Trade   
Sam Spade- The Bood Money Caper   
The Witch's Tale        The Man who Thought of everything
 Dick Tracy                                 Adventures of the Thin Man

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