June and July Radio Shows
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Lights Out:Mother-in-Law

Gangbusters- The Eddie Doll Case                                              Comedy of Danger/Finger of God

Past shows
Boston Blackie- Blackie and the Fur Trade
Sam Spade- The Bood Money Caper
The Witch's Tale 
The Man who Thought of everything
 Dick Tracy                                 Adventures of the Thin Man

2nd Confidence Radio Troupe (May,June, July)

Stu Fischer  * Christopher Anderson  * Justin McCright * Laura Adams * Peyton Avery * Cheryl Bolt * Jim Adams *


Colleen Robinson Miller * Erin Klarner    * Marie Andrews * Maria Getahun * Jeffery Schwartz * Tillmon Figgs * Lindsey June


1st Confidence Radio Troupe (Feb, Mar,Apr)

Laura Adams   Claire Schreibfeder   Stephen Foreman  *  Andrea Trent       Valerie Higgs       Kadira Coley  *


 Leslie Kekuewa   *    Jim Adams       Brian Weissman  *  Charlene Sloan   *     Shemika Renee'  Emily McGee 


Kenneth L. Waters Jr.   *    Snowdenn Jackson  *   Nikki Arbiter Murphy  *  Maurice Crittenden  *  Creedence Jackson


Presenting stories from the Old Time Radio Series